Teachers Training

All great teachers we’ve met like it nerdy… in fact, the nerdier the better. Whether you are working full-time in your local scene, teach at international camps, teach for your local non-profit association, or hold drop-in classes at a university, as a teacher, you are passionate about the dance and share the desire to improve.

We have added a teachers track to this edition of Chase Festival! Take advantage of improving your teaching skills while enjoying the pinnacle atmosphere of swing!


18:00 – 19:10 with Ali Taghavi
19:20 – 20:30 with Kris Blindert
18:00 – 19:10 with Ron Dobrovinsky
19:20 – 20:30 with Kris Blindert


If you want an idea for what a teachers training can be with this team, here are two videos produced by Ali Taghavi where he goes over what he considers the most important basics:

What is in store for you this weekend?

– goal-oriented exercise design
– active listening, group dynamics
– how to come up with material to teach
– Learning principles, Course structures & long term curriculum design methods

What: Pedagogy and didactics training for dance teachers.
When: Friday 12. – Saturday 13. of June. 2020
From SwingStep: Ali Taghavi and Kris Blindert
From Swingit: Ron Dobrovinsky
Language: English
Where: Chase Festival 2020, Heidelberg
Price: 147 Euro (including day time socials on Thursday through Sunday)