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Registration Info & Guidelines

Having an even number of leaders and follower can make a huge improvement for your class & party experience. However, if you’ve been taking workshops, you might have noticed that it is a real challenge for any organizer. We want you to have the best experience at the Chase Festival! This is why we’ve set up a few guidelines to create a great class experience for you:

Single Registration
  • When you sign up without a partner, we will accept another registrant of the opposite dance role, giving you a “virtual partner” so that we can have even number of leaders and followers. Note, these are swing dance classes, so we will all rotate and dance with every person in the room. However, if we cannot find another registrant to pair up with your registration due to lead/follow imbalance, you might be placed on the waiting list.
  • This is why you are not allowed to add a partner once your registration is confirmed by the organizers. It would be your second “partner” and would affect the balance of the camp.
  • When we pair you up with someone, you have no responsibility for your partner, his or her cancellation has no effect on your registration.
Partner Registration
  • In the registration process you can add your partner’s name. You can pair up only with someone from the other role (so a leader-leader or a follower-follower partnership is not accepted). Your partner need to sign up to the same pass and level as you.
  • We can accept your registration when we have received the registration of BOTH you and your partner. It means that both of you have to apply separately.
  • You and your partner are accepted immediately as long as we have spaces in that level.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your registration in case your partner cancels as this can harm the lead and follow ratio, and therefore all the participants experience. If we cancel your registration the cancellation policy will be followed.
  • We might cancel your registration in case your partner is changing his/her partner or his/her participation profile (like cancelling courses and coming just for parties). If we cancel your registration the cancellation policy will be followed. Take it into consideration when you register with a partner.
Transferring registration
If you cannot attend the event, it is possible to transfer your participation to another person.

  • Please write us an e-mail to [email protected]
  • The person taking over your pass has to sign up too.
  • In case we accept your registration you have to pay within 14 days (unless we clearly state otherwise in an e-mail sent to you). If we do not receive your payment in 14 days your registration will be cancelled.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your registration any time if your partner cancels (in order to maintain the good lead/follow ratio).
  • If you have to cancel your registration, please email us at [email protected]
  • Please note that we cannot issue any refunds.
    – If you cancel up to 3 months before the event you get 100% of your payment back as credits.
    – If you cancel up to 1 month before the event you get 50% of your payment back as credits.
    – If you cancel up to when the event starts you get 25% of your payment back as credits.
  • If you cannot attend the event it counts as a cancellation, no matter what the reason. So a cancelled flight, an injury, an illness, a sudden working weekend or anything else counts as a cancellation and the cancellation rules are applied.
  • If you change your registration to a smaller package we can apply the cancellation policy on the difference (for example: changing from full pass to parties only).
General rules of the festival
  • As flights can be cancelled, or can be delayed, teachers can miss their flight. Also a teacher might get ill. So we cannot guarantee that all announced teachers will be present. It means that your class schedule might be changed, or you will have different teachers than announced.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for your valuables or physical safety. Be careful – look out for yourself and for others as well!
  • During the check-in you will receive a wristband. Please wear it during the whole event. You cannot share or change it with anyone. In case you do not wear it or you cannot show it to the organizers you have to leave the event. In case you lose or ruin it you have to immediately inform the organizers about it. You can find us at the reception.
  • Most of the classes and all the parties will be on wooden floors. Please help us build a good relationship with the owners by not wearing shoes that can damage the floor. Damage can come in form of stones from wearing outdoor shoes (please just use your dance shoes). Or small dents can be created from hard high-heeled shoes, tap-shoes. Even the black stripes that some shoes leave behind are often considered as damage by the owners.
  • You can smoke only at the designated smoking areas. Please ask the organizers about these locations.
  • We announce all lost & found properties on the web page within a month after the event finishes. We keep them for two weeks after the announcement. Contact us if you spot any of your lost items. We dispose all non-claimed items or offer them to non-profit organizations.
  • We cannot make any refunds or cannot accept your registration because you have already bought the flight ticket or already booked a hotel. You should not book anything till your registration becomes valid. Read the registration process to understand how your registration becomes valid.
  • By participating at the Chase Festival you give your consent that we can use, modify and publish any photos, videos or other form of media where you might be included (visible and audible).