Lindy Hop Beginners Level

Have you just recently discovered Lindy hop? Welcome to a world of fun!
Join the experience of a festival centered all around the dance, with classes, parties, shows and LIVE music!

Share an exciting week-end with dancers and teachers from all around the world doing the Lindy hop! At the Chase Festival, we have designed a track you can join if you are still new to the dance!

The Beginner track for 99€ includes:
  • 4 x 70 min classes
  • 2 x 70 min taster classes on the Thursday 11th of June
  • 3 x DAY parties. Please book evening parties separately
  • Organized city tour with outdoor dancing
  • Classes on Saturday and Sunday [11:20 – 13:50]

During this week-end you will learn the most important dance steps, principles and moves from amazing teachers from all around the world. The classes will be held in English.


Beginner (Newbie): If you have never danced before or if you are not quite comfortable yet with the basics, this is the level for you! Your teachers will take you through the fundamentals of the dance in a fun and easy way. Already after the first day you will be able to swing across the dance floor with the new cool things you’ve learned in class.

Beginner/Intermediate: If you have taken some beginner courses and want to experience your first international workshop in a friendly and fun environment, this is the camp and level for you! You should already know the basic side-by-side movements in Lindy Hop and Charleston, transition into open position and a few of the classic passes or moves. You should have at least 4 months of experience.

Our special offer for you: the full Weekend-DAY-PASS for only 85 Euro.

This includes the full package listed above!
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Join the Chase Festival on 11. – 14. June 2020!