[one] [title]Festival details[/title] [separator][/one][clear]   [one] ChaseFestival Passes:

[lists type=”check”]
        • Full Pass: 159€  (includes workshop classes, taster classes and all parties)
        • Party Passes (4 parties): 35€   (includes all parties)
        • Workshop Pass: 135€ (includes workshop classes and taster classes)
        • Daily Party Pass: 5€ – 20€ 
[/lists][/one] [one]If you form groups you get a gift of your choice. You will be able to select between shoebags, T-shirts or music CD’s.[/one] [separator][clear][one] The Chase Festival is a swing dance festival that will be held annually in Heidelberg Germany. 2013 dates: Thu, 20 June 2013 – Sun, 23 June 2013 This workshop is organized by Marcell Bendik and the SwingStep team. More information will follow soon.[/one]