… or rather Level adjustment

We know, nobody likes auditions… neither do we!
That’s why we came up with a new way of giving you the best possible learning group. We have designed the schedule in such a way that you will go directly to your first class of the level you signed up for. During these first 60 minutes, you will get a feel for the group. If at the end of this class, the teachers feel that you should change level, they will address you directly. If you feel that you should change level, please talk to the expert “Taxi Dancers” we have placed in your class to help you with getting the most out of your classes. Note: The Taxi Dancers will not “audition” you. Only the teachers of your class can evaluate if you need to move to another level. But if you have a request to change levels, first talk to your Taxi Dancers – we have scheduled extra time right after this class for handling level adjustments.