Accessing your existing account

[one][title]Accessing your existing account[/title] Our registration system does not have name and password for the accounts. So you cannot forgot anything.
So we use an access link to the accounts. You find it at the end of each mail we send you. You don’t have to remember to any passwords 🙂
However some issues might arise:
– you cannot access any of the e-mails we have sent, so you cannot access this important link
– in rare cases you might change your name (for example mistyping) or e-mail address. The access link will change as well so the links at the bottom of our e-mail won’t work any more
– we added all Lindy Shock accounts to the system and our newsletter got into the SPAM. So you don’t know the access link.
No matter what happened just enter the e-mail address of you account and we send you the access link in e-mail!
[dcs-application lang=en app=reguser action=manage]