The Splanky 6

“Splanky” means, as it is common knowledge to any Swing music enthusiast, something like cool, fresh, extra fly, and of course is the title of one of the most famous Count Basie tunes.

The Story:

Drummer and initiator of “The Splanky 6”, Jens Weidenheimer, has been and still is a devoted member of the Lindy Hop dance scene in the Heidelberg area. So, one day it crossed his mind to bring together a band to re-create this special kind of sound he loves to dance to.
As a professional and renowned musician of long standing, he succeeded pretty quickly in assembling a group of like-minded and congenial colleagues and fellow-musicians.
Being one amongst the Lindy Hop dancing crowd himself, he knows that a Swing band’s performance and repertoire should always aim at a tightly packed dance-floor.
That’s why “The Splanky 6” do all the Swing stuff of the 30’s, the 40’s and the 50’s for all you Lindy Hoppers, Jitterbugs and Rug Cutters to keep rocking.