The Rhythm Outlines

« The Rhythm Outlines » Orchestra, from Strasbourg, was formed around Cédric Clerc, a swing
dancer, but also a choreographer and dance teacher, having scoured the different European scenes to
perform and transmit his passion.
They have only one goal in mind: to produce high-quality, energetic swing so that all the dancers
can live their passion on the dance floor.
They are increasingly demanded in France and in Europe (Paris, Tours, Lille, Friborg, Geneva,
Turin …) and are never tired of traveling to make vibrate all the scenes they meet!

Guitar / Banjo / Vocals: Cédric CLERC
Saxophone Tenor / Soprano: Pascal KEMP
Battery: Martial MULLER
Piano: Jean-Luc LAMPS
Bass: Vincent BOR
Trumpet: Cédric MUNSCH