Ron Dobrovinsky

In a class with Ron you will find that working hard and having fun can go together, as you’ll be driven to reach the next level in your dancing. His ability to simplify complicated concepts and create a very clear buildup in his classes will give you practical ways for improvement and new ideas for further exploration. By creating fine & clear contrasts between different elements in the dance, Ron manages to create a good understanding and fast implementation of the material.

With a rich background in martial arts, fitness and other dances, Ron has a deep insight about efficient usage of the body, which helps to prevent injuries and create a better feeling in the dance.

Ron combines the valuable experiences of building a local scene as well as international teaching. He teaches regularly around Europe in various dance workshops and swing & blues festivals. In Israel, Ron runs Holy Lindy Land – School of vintage dances, and teaches around the country.

Through his creative mind and dedication, Ron has been a key promoter of swing and blues dancing in Israel and beyond over the last 7 years. He is the co-organizer of Desert Stomp, a lindy hop festival in the Israeli Desert, and has produced I Charleston Tel Aviv & I Charleston Jerusalem.