Rivital fell in love with Lindy Hop at party in New York and began teaching in Tel Aviv in 2013. She believes that nothing is more exhilarating than social dancing and finds it endlessly inspiring. Fascinated by the rich history of vernacular jazz, Rivital puts a strong emphasis on connection to the roots of the dance. She breaks down complex dance techniques into simple, easily mastered steps so that everyone, regardless of dance background, can have fun and let loose on the dance floor.

Tomer and Rivital are passionate Lindy Hop dancers. Their love for movement, dance and most of all Jazz music is what drew them to this dance. In their classes they put a large emphasis on dancing through connection to the music.
As they are strong believers in practice and training, they wish to inspire their students and show them that hard work pays off.
They teach regularly at Swing It dance school in Israel.