Barbara & Alberto:
These two hep cats met at the sunny Italian seaside a few years ago in Genova.
Since that they love to dance together, enjoy the music, share ideas and fooling around on the dance floor. In the class room they are super passionate and energetic about each material.

Started to dance at age 9. Ballet, modern jazz and ballroom dances gave her classic technique and stable base. She loves to spice up that with the energy and craziness of jazz. When teaching, it’s important to her to build up well structured classes. She tries to help her students to reach strong body awareness, to improve their technical skills, but can’t miss out some fun figures or games on each class. In the last 4 years she is teaching every day classes in Budapest at the Keep Swinging association, she is involved the local scene building and everyday life of the school. She is started to teach on international festivals just recently. Next to all the dancing and teaching she is an event organizer. She is in the main organizing team at Lindy Shock, Chase Festival, CEUSDC, One Minute Challenge, Vienna Honey Swing.