Jule and Areski first bumped into eachother at the 2014 edition of the Chase. She loved how immensely reactive he was in the partnership while still having this playfulness in the dance; he loved how grounded she would be, inspiring new shapes and aesthetics by dancing them in perfect rhythm.

When I started dancing, I dropped everything else. It felt like I was meant for this dance. After only a few weeks, I was taking 6 classes a week, and training on my own and with partners as often as I could. Soon, I started teaching. My experience as a sailing instructor gave me good foundations for understanding what is needed when, and how to express it.

Hungry for more, I also did short studies of ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, hip hop and tap dance. Increasing my knowledge on different kind of movement and body awareness helped me understand what I want my movement to be, and in which ways I can interpret the music and rhythms that I hear.

As a teacher, I want to inspire the same way the dance inspires me. Making techniques, concepts, shapes, movement accessible and breaking them down in a way that students can see immediate results.