Barbara & Alberto:
These two hep cats met at the sunny Italian seaside a few years ago in Genova.
Since that they love to dance together, enjoy the music, share ideas and fooling around on the dance floor. In the class room they are super passionate and energetic about each material.


Alberto is a swing dancer and teacher from Genova. He discovers Lindy Hop in 2015, and it is love at first dance: he throws himself into the world of Swing specializing in Lindy Hop but trying out anything, from Jazz Steps to Blues, Shag and Balboa. His eagerness to learn and challenge himself drives him to quit his job to entirely dedicate himself to his career as a dancer. Today, he takes part in competitions all over Europe and attends every possible festival in order to improve his skills as performer and a teacher. He sees every lindy hopper a source of inspiration, be it a teacher or student of his: every new connection is a discovery. Dancing is energy and freedom to him, and that is what he hopes to share with the rest of the world.